How to choose a professional pyrolysis device company ?

How to pick a expert pyrolysis equipment manufacturer ?
As we know pyrolysis equipment is a single of the eco-friendly and efficiency way to remedy the squander tires and squander plastics air pollution difficulty.
If you look for “waste tires pyrolysis machine” via goole, Alibaba or other B2B platform, several several squander tires pyrolysis equipment organizations will seem in entrance of your eyes.
How to select a very good and expert provider ?
Since this is a unique area, substantial income and higher threat.
So, when you decide on suppliers, remember to consider these two elements, device design and personal oil refining experiences.
From the equipment style, can know no matter whether they are professional or not.
From their personal oil refining experiences, can obvious regardless of whether your employees can be trained in a excellent and proper way for the equipment set up and procedure.
As we all know, for the device, good quality is important, but only occupy 40%, the rest 60% is set up and procedure.
If you acquire the device but can not set up it in a correct way, that will be also unsafe. Simply because what we make is oil gasoline, it is flammable, for case in point, if have leakage difficulty or blocking issue, may possibly trigger blast.
If your employees can not operate the equipment effectively, that will also influence the operating functionality.
For illustrations, oil rate.
As we know the oil price is related with these 4 facets.
a), uncooked materail
like you mix motorbike tires with car tires and truck tires, the oil rate can not be greater than you only approach the truck tires or auto tires.
since the truck tires, its oil rate about 45% to fifty%, for the automobile tires, its oil charge about forty% to forty five%, the motorbike tires its oil fee close to 25%-thirty%.
b), cooling technique design and pyrolysis of tyres
for the cooling technique, its operating principle is heating trade.
As our 23 several years of encounter, a very good cooling system’s design and style should think about these factors: try to allow the very hot oil fuel and amazing drinking water touching area as larger as possible
try to permit the hot oil fuel and great h2o touching time as lengthier as attainable (this is connected with the oil gasoline flowing velocity and the flowing length)
if the cooling program design is not great ample to cool down all the oil gas created by the pyrolysis reactor, then that will be your dropped.
because our principal purpose is to get oil from tires, if the oil rate is low, then your income will be diminished.
c), temperature management
When work the equipment, want to handle the temperature in a particular assortment, if the temperature as well high, the oil gas will become syngas, oil charge will be reduced, if the temperature too reduced, can not completely pyrolyze the squander tires and squander plastics, this will also lessen your oil charge.
d), water temperature
the drinking water which is utilised to amazing down the oil fuel inside condensers should be as great as achievable.
Imagine, if your staff they are not trained in a correct and specialist way, they could work the device with substantial temperature, that will affect the oil rate, finally lessen your profit.
In addition, be conscious of getting from traders, they do not have oil refining encounter, this is extremely huge chance if select them. Picture if no soon after sell support, what will happen ?



Waste plastic recycling is a clean energy company that offers technology to recycle waste plastic into liquid fuels, and dirty fuel into clean diesel. Our technology can deliver economic and environmental benefits by replacing refined fuels and diverting waste plastic from landfills.
Our patent waste plastic recycling process is a commercially viable, proprietary process designed to provide immediate economic benefit for industry, communities and government organizations with waste plastic recycling challenges.

With our revolutionary waste plastic recycling technology, we pioneered a process that has the ability to change the way the world handles waste plastic and plastic recycling, these waste plastic including paper mill waste, medical waste, MSW(Municipal Solid Waste) etc.

Our Huayin company is committed to environmental sustainability by diverting plastic waste from landfill and potential incineration. We are also committed to the creation of green employment opportunities and a reduction in the cost of plastic recycling programs for municipalities and business.


Until now, we have installed several waste tire recycling projects in the world, such as Bulgaria, Thailand, Turkey, South Korea etc.
The plastic, such as PP, PE, PS, ABS, HDPE etc. all of them can be recycled to oil, also can get carbon black and off-gases.
This oil can be used as fuel oil to be burnt instead of furnace oil.
After distillation this plastic fuel oil, can get clean diesel, color is pure and can be run for diesel vehicles and generators, such as truck, tractor, farm machinery, road machinery etc.

The carbon black is a carbonaceous solid produced as the result of the carbon cracking process. Because of its high BTU (British Thermal Unit) value, the highest industry usage of carbon black is by steel manufacturers who use it to fire their blast furnaces.
Waste plastic recycling produces carbon black through the recycling process and will be seeking a BUD (Beneficial Use Determination) to sell this product to end-users.

Off-gases: Approximately 10-12% of the output of the waste plastic recycling process is a range of off-gases, including butane, propane and hydrogen.
We Huayin company utilizes these off-gases to run the plastic recycling processor.

In the race to produce usable fuels from waste products, waste plastic recycling has overcome significant barriers and stands alone with the unprecedented simplicity of its solution. We are committed to building a company dedicated to a greener, cleaner future for the planet.